Manufacturers Represented

RF & Test Line Card

Serving Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, & Manitoba



Test & Measurement

Leading test and measurement equipment for advanced wireless, optical, digital, and IP test solutions for the equipment, handsets, modules, and electronic components in communication systems (WA, OR, ID)


API Technologies

RF and Microwave Technologies

Attenuators, Terminations, Power Splitters/Dividers, DC Blocks, Phase Shifters, EMI filters, components and magnetics.

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RF & Microwave Passive Components

Thin Film Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, Ultra-Broadband Capacitors, RF/Microwave ceramic capacitors, inductors, Low Pass Filters, Band Pass Filters, Crossovers, Diplexers and High Directivity Directional Couplers as well as Active/Passive Antennas

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

Crucial Functions for Defense & Commercial

YIG Oscillators, YIG Bandpass & Band Reject Filters, Frequency Multipliers, Phase-Locked Sources & Frequency Synthesizers


Radio Frequency (RF) Solutions

Wireless Semiconductors including General Purpose Amplifiers, Cellular PA's, GaN design services, GaN power devices, Front End Modules, Quadrature Mod/Demod, Mixers, Switches, ASM's for Tranceivers, CATV, Bluetooth, WLAN & GPS.  SAW/BAW filters & Duplexers